Why We Should Adopt English-Based Teaching

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English is a global language, and it’s one of the most difficult skills to learn. Some countries are still adopting English-based teaching. Why? This blog article explores the benefit of English-based teaching at Westlake University on international talents.

Why English-Based Teaching Methods?

There are many reasons why we should adopt English-based teaching methods. First and foremost, it would allow students to be more competitive in the global marketplace. In addition, it would also improve our ability to communicate with other countries and learn about other cultures. Finally, it would also provide our students with a richer learning experience by exposing them to different ways of thinking and different educational systems.

Why English-Based Teaching?

There are many reasons to adopt English-based teaching in schools. One reason is that it can help students become more proficient in English. English is the language of instruction in most schools and is also the language of international communication, so it’s important for students to be able to understand and use it well.

Another reason to use English-based teaching is that it can encourage critical thinking and creativity. When students are encouraged to think in English, they have to come up with new ways to express themselves and this can lead to more innovative thinking.

Lastly, using English as the medium of instruction can also prepare students for future study or work opportunities outside of their home country. If students are already used to learning English, they’ll be at an advantage when applying to universities or jobs where English is the main language.


English-based universities are great places to study and exercise. As an global campus, Westlake University can provide you with a language environment so that you have more learning opportunities. Choosing Westlake University was the result of careful consideration. For more information, you can check out our website.


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