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RSS has changed the entire outlook of the online news. RSS means Really Simple Syndication is the family of the web feed formats like the blogs, news updates and the likes. Naija news  It is basically a format delivering regularly changing web content. An RSS document usually contains full or epitomized text and metadata of the publisher. It is the latest technology which allows you to follow information from multiple sources. These multiple sources are news websites, blogs and forums of the sort.

RSS benefits the users who would like to get the updates from their bookmarked and favorite websites. It can also be used to gather aggregate feeds from different favored websites.

How RSS works would be a major query for the web-laymen. It works by having the webmaster of the particular website maintaining the list of notifications on their website in an organized way. These notifications are called as “RSS Feeds” and users who are interested in knowing the updates check on this list. There are “RSS Aggregators” which automatically access these RSS feeds and get the results from the websites users really care about. And what makes RSS possible is XML(Extensible Markup Language) which is a kind of code for the web content that could be easily handled by variety of communication devices and mediums.

To read an Rss feed all you would need is Rss feed readers. There are numerous feed readers available online. Popular web-based feed readers would be My Yahoo, Bloglines, Google Reader and the likes. The feed readers are also available for different platforms. For eg, you have FeedReader for Windows operating system, Amphetadesk for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. There are several such feed readers available at users own discretion, each feed reader offering different features. Using one such feed reader would be enough for you to have an unlimited access to variety of information sources. Every time the source which has been setup is updated that particular piece of information is stored in the computer. There would be a link appearing which is clickable and when you click on the link you have the access to the entire information which could be news article, blog post or anything which was subscribed for.

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