Ramon Bruin


In 2012, Netherland born Ramon Bruin made a worldwide breakthrough with his own invented style which he calls, ‘Optical Illusionism.’ Optical Illusionism is a combination of drawing and photography. He creates drawings that come to life when photographed from the exact right angle.

 By stretching the boundaries of Optical Illusionism, Ramon also created the spectacular ‘Multi Layered Illusion’ style. The multi-layered illusions are drawn on paper or multiple sheets of paper. The sheets of paper are interactive with each other. For drawings, Ramon uses graphite pencil and in some pieces he uses coloured pencil, ink or acrylics.

 Besides drawing and airbrushing Ramon also paints. His style can be explained as a combination of expressionism and neo-pop. His paintings are recognizable by the bold use of colour and have mostly sarcastic influences. Ramon also still creates airbrush art on different objects like canvas, motorcycles and guitars.

Ramon has teamed up with Pluvio to create Hold On