Justin Maller



Justin Maller is a remarkable Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been creating digital art for over fifteen years and has achieved worldwide recognition and admiration.

Justin has had the pleasure of producing illustrations and concept art for a diverse array of companies and publications worldwide, which include Nike, Gatorade, NBA, Under Armour, Jordan Apparel, DC Shoe, ESPN, and Smirnoff. Google selected him as a designer for the Google Live Cases. He is also the Creative Director of The Depthcore Collective, an international modern art collective he established in June 2002. Justin recently completed a 365 day challenge producing a piece of art daily for his year long Facets project.

Work aside - Justin enjoys hurting himself playing basketball, being bossed around by his Shiba Inu overlord, and rambling incoherently on Twitter. His love for superheroes and animals is be often portrayed through his artwork. Justin is a great follow on Instagram too.

You can purchase his prints/apparel at Facets (link above) and Helmetica.

Justin & Pluvio proudly present Hydrometry