Shine In the Rain

 By Jonathan Bonder, Founder


In 2014, I was searching the web for a birthday gift. I had something specific in mind...a 'cool' umbrella. To my dismay and shock, there were very few options. I settled for a fairly nice umbrella and the recipient was pleased but I was left with a strong desire to improve the umbrella. After months of meticulous Research & Development, I created Pluvio Umbrella. 


Like most people, I'm a lover of art. Music, film, paintings, photography. Without art, life would be...boring. And why should umbrellas be just that. Pluvio would be more than an umbrella. My goal was to redefine the umbrella by bringing art to rainy days. Simply put: 'kick-ass' designs that protect you from the rain...Art with a function.  

Artists and designs are diligently curated with a focus on cool art from contemporary artists. The umbrella makes a unique platform to showcase their artwork. We collaborate with artists from all around the world who specialize in various mediums...the one constant is they are all remarkable artists. We work closely with them to create the best product imaginable. 


Pluvios are made in be limited supplies with 100-200 of each design. They are shipped in a custom designed mailing tube and ship worldwide (free to the U.S. & Canada). Umbrellas are made with the premium materials and come tagged with the artist name, umbrella name, and edition number. 

Rain On

When the rain fell and I had to go outside, I was that person to throw on my hood. I never thought about using an umbrella - no matter how hard it was raining. I associated umbrellas with being monotonous, boring, and always breaking. I strived to change the mundane state of the umbrella by starting Pluvio Umbrella. With the slightest drizzle, you'll want to show off your Pluvio. You'll be wishing for rain.