Making the most of Facebook Live for your Business

October 26, 2022 by No Comments


Facebook Live is a free streaming tool you can use to boost your business. 무료스포츠중계  But before you dive in there are some key factors to take into consideration to avoid risking losing your credibility.

Facebook Live is an excellent way to get the engagement Facebook wants on your Business Page with their latest algorithm updates. As long as you’re prepared, you will garner a great reach and higher views than natively uploaded videos.

With Facebook Live all you need is a 4G or better Internet connection, a Facebook profile for yourself or your business page, and you can take advantage of up to 4 hours of free live streaming.

Getting these set up isn’t hard but with the volume of new live streams happening per hour you’ll need to work on your videos in order to draw in users.

Keep reading to find out what you need in order to draw your followers in when you’re doing your next live broadcast.

Step 1: Get the Word Out

Facebook live alerts your followers about your live stream but only after it’s been launched. Unless you catch them when they’re free you are then relying on your timing being just right for people to join you during the live broadcast.

In order to make sure your followers know beforehand it’s important to put up posts announcing the coming live event. But there is more you can do.

Sendcalendar is a service that lets you build out your live schedule, which you can then share with your followers. Providing you know your schedule before you simply set up your dates and the system creates everything you need to share your calendar in an email, on your website or blog, or in a social media post.

Once a user subscribes they receive a notification of the upcoming stream well in advance, so they can plan to attend. It’s easy to use and seamlessly updates whatever calendar your follower is normally using.

You can also schedule your live stream right in the Facebook live admin area; however, you need to use a 3rd party Livestream software such as eCamm (for Mac’s) or BeLive. tv (for PC’s) or other similar services for that to work.

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