Luxury Golf Cart Parts A look at the finest Wheels on the Course

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While many golfers are happy to buff and shine their favorite weekend ride and maintenance them with high-quality golf cart parts, a new trend arriving on the links is luxury golf rides. These are the Rolls Royce’s of the greens. For the price of a regular, well-equipped car,  golf holidays south africa you can pick up a luxury cart that has the finest accessories and golf car parts money can buy. Here are some of the trends in these fine course carts:

Chrome And Body Styles
Chrome golf cart parts are the eye candy that gives these vehicles their biggest appeal. Low-pro rims are just the start. Grills, floorboards, mirrors, canopy bars — if you can name it, it sparkles in the summer sun. These golf car parts complement their fine automobile-like molded body flawlessly. Many of them resemble a miniature Volvo or Corvette for a more elegant ride. For those looking for a more buff look, the version by Hummer looks exactly like a smaller version of their signature vehicle.

Interior Luxuries
The richness of these vehicles doesn’t end on the outside of the vehicle. Inside, golfers are treated to soft, lavish leather seats that have a cooling and even massage options for those tough days on the links. Some are even being accessorized with hand carved hardwood golf cart parts and details.

These vehicles even have golf car parts to take care of the long waits on a slow party ahead of you or a golfing buddy who is taking too long looking for his ball in the rough. What would this be? A four-speaker AM/FM/CD/MP3 player with bass boost of course! To go with the groovy tunes is a cooler that runs directly off the vehicle or holds ice to keep your snacks and beverages cool on a hot summer day. Equipment such as a ball and club washer, divot repair kits, score card holders, and rain enclosures are also available, but optional.

Custom Paint Jobs
Since the factory paint job is too plain for the world’s high-rolling golfers, custom paint for these miniature vehicles is rising in popularity. Racing stripes and pin striping are just the start. Shimmery ghost flames, ocean waves, and lightening are being seen more and more on the links. For a few grand, those looking to make their personal golf vehicle more unique can have murals and scenes painted on the sides. Just imagine pulling onto the course with a jaguar on the hood!

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