Heat Your home With Far Infrared Heating Panels

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Are you sick of paying for huge energy bills, yet not feeling the benefit of your heating system? The new far infrared heating panel technology is designed to heat your home properly whilst saving you money.

What are Far Infrared Heating Panels?

One of the most energy efficient products new to the market; these panels are 100% thermoforming heating elements  environmentally and family friendly, producing zero emissions and no eye damaging light glare, they radiate electromagnetic waves which target you and your environment.

Sound scary? Not at all. The human body actually naturally emits far infrared heat, and this has many health benefits including better blood circulation as well as elimination of fats, chemicals and waste in the blood. Because these heating panels heat you and your surroundings, they provide you with better control which results in lower usage because they are not just heating the air around you. Stylish and sleek, these panels do not circulate the air or produce any toxins; great news for allergy and asthma sufferers.

How do Far Infrared Heating Panels work?

Unlike traditional heating technologies, far infrared heating panels heat the fabric of the room; not the air. Any solid objects including people, furniture and even the walls absorb the warmth which is then radiated back creating a natural, comfortable body and room temperature that is stable, clean and efficient.

How will this heating system save me money?

In the past, it was the size of one’s room that dictated the size of the heater. Not anymore. Far infrared heating panels work on the surface area of the room; not size, so you require less wattage. The best thing about these heaters is that you can have total control when they are linked to a timer and thermostat so you can decide exactly the temperature to benefit your family’s needs. Say goodbye to waiting for your room to heat up; far infrared heating panels work immediately and heat up the entire space, unlike traditional heaters which spend a lot of energy (and money! ) heating up the air, slowly.

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