Five types of hair removal laser system

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There are a number of laser hair removal devices available. The ruby, alexandrite, ipl, diode, and nd:YAG are the five most popular kinds of laser systems for hair removal. Every laser system is unique in its way. 


IPL hair removal 


Instead of an actual laser, ipl laser hair removal uses the equivalent of intense pulsed light (ipl). Like lasers, ipl’s trigger photothermolysis by pulsing thermal energy absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. A wavelength, energy level, and pulse duration that may be adjusted are the benefits of intense pulsed light. 


nd:YAG laser hair removal 


Regarding aesthetic laser technology, nd:yag systems offer the most recent developments. This system provides a variety of uses, including tattoo removal and laser skin resurfacing for the repair of sun damage, in addition to efficient hair removal lasers, at a wavelength of 1064 nm, nd: the yag systems function. 


Diode laser hair removal 


The market for laser hair removal used diode devices only recently. Their power source is a collection of semiconductor diodes collectively producing a laser beam with a wavelength of 800-810 nm. Since it has a longer wavelength, it can more easily reach the hair follicles inside. Diode lasers are generally safe for those with darker skin tones and are the best way to remove facial hair


Alexandrite laser hair removal 


The most used laser system for hair removal is the alexandrite laser. The quickest laser system is also available with it. For instance, the alexandrite laser can finish treating a big area, like the back, in as little as 30 minutes. The pain associated with rapid laser repetition is a drawback. One of the uncomfortably uncomfortable laser hair removal devices is the alexandrite laser. However, newer machines come with built-in cooling systems to enhance patient comfort. 


Ruby laser hair removal 


The ruby hair removal laser was the first method created for laser hair removal permanent. Melanin is the goal of this system’s utilization of a shorter 694 nm wavelength. The ruby laser is, therefore, perfect for getting rid of fine, light hair. Conversely, people with darker skin tones should avoid using the ruby laser system. The ruby laser system uses extended pauses between laser pulses to lessen pain. Laser hair removal treatments take longer than other laser hair removal technologies, although they are less painful. The ruby laser is perfect for leg hair removal and Armpit laser hair removal.

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