Cbd Hemp Oil Consumption Market Size, Share, Outlook And Forecast

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“I was inspired by Hemp while looking for alternatives to fossil fuels, timber, plastics and cotton products. Initially, I started this journey after seeing the unsustainable business practices our tribal communities are dealing with, and I am determined to find an alternative. The report study has analyzed the revenue impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the sales revenue of market leaders, market followers, and market disrupters in the report, and the same is reflected in our analysis. It’s no secret that HempFlax suffered major losses in their early, pioneering years, but those days have gone. HempFlax has grown from 140 hectares of industrial-fibre hemp cultivation in 1994 to 2500 hectares in 2017, and it is expected to cultivate as many as 3,500 hectares by 2020. But, as we showed in our last report, hemp producers are facing problems they never encountered before and CBD, as being the main ingredient of the enormous demand, is still a questionable product in most countries.

British production is mostly used as bedding for horses; other uses are under development. Companies in Canada, the UK, the United States, and Germany, among many others, process hemp seed into a growing range of food products and cosmetics; many traditional growing countries continue to produce textile-grade fibre. Global cbd fruchtgummis schweiz awareness is growing about the environmental costs of different industries. The textile and fashion industries are also looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to cotton and synthetic fabrics. Hemp Fabrics and textiles produced from the bast fibers of the industrial hemp provide one of the most viable alternatives.

Data has been given by market participants, regions, and specific requirements. This market-ready study proposal includes a comprehensive overview of all the significant improvements that are presently prevailing in all market segments. Key data analysis is presented in the form of statistics, infographics, and presentations. The study discusses the hemp seeds market’s Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges. The report helps to assess the market growth drivers and determines how to use these drivers as a tool.

There appears to be little doubt that under the present system of forest use and consumption the present supply cannot withstand the demands placed upon it. By the time improved methods of forestry have established an equilibrium between production and consumption, the price of pulp wood may be such that a knowledge of other available raw materials may be imperative. Today, there are anywhere from 25 to 30 million Americans who smoke marijuana regularly. As an industry, marijuana clears well more than $4 billion a year. [This must have been a misreading of his notes–for 1990, the minimum figure would have been at least $40 billion for the entire nation.

Further, manufacturer can adjust production according to the conditions of demand which are analysed here. That’s a clear signal that the Chinese see CBD as the first best business opportunity. And that’s why research and development is ramping up in Yunnan, which has essentially been set up as an international center for CBD. Important in those studies is the question of how hemp fits into Traditional Chinese Medicine a key subsector in China’s medicine industry. While hemp’s applications in TCM are based on seeds now, other parts of the plant have historically been used for pain and anxiety – conditions which are the subject of current research in all cannabinoids.

Since the beginning, the Mobile Exhibit has grown to include a full hemp interior for the van, information boards and handouts covering all of the latest hemp information and technology, as well as video capability. The history of hemp in Kentucky is essentially the history of the state itself. Even today, wild hemp can be found along riverbanks and in back corners of farms around Kentucky. By providing your personal information e.g. name, postal/email address, telephone number enables Smithers to provide you with tailored information on our services. These might include purchased products such as market reports and conference places, testing or consulting services as well as digital resources such as whitepapers, webinar and brochures.

Hemp Is The Past And Future Of The Automobile Industry

Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa cultivars grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Along with bamboo, hemp is among the fastest growing plants on Earth. It was also one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago.

The gradual absorption and release of water prevent the material from cracking and breaking apart. Similar to high-density fiber cement, hemp huile de cbd pour douleur plaster can naturally vary in color and be manually pigmented. Cannabis seeds have high-fat content and contain 30-35% of fatty acids.

Hemp also breathes in CO2 as it grows whilst also detoxifying the soil by transforming contaminating metals and preventing further soil erosion. The North American region is expected to grow at the fastest rate over the forecast period. In countries like Canada and the United States, due to the growing geriatric population and increased consumer awareness, the demand for industrial hemp has been increasing in the region.

Especially for the first three materials, sustainable solutions are already available, as described in the previous chapter. Regarding the question of which factors are decisive when buying a car, quality, price, performance and design are on the first ranks. Sustainability plays an important or even very important role for only 34% of the respondents, All CBD Vape which is the lowest value of all factors (see Fig.2). This result shows that sustainability is discussed regularly in the automotive industry, but at the same time, it has only a limited influence on customers’ purchasing decisions, especially in the premium segment. The participants of the study recognize the fundamental importance of sustainability.

Nader declined their offer to run that year; the New Party ultimately joined with the People’s Party in running Benjamin Spock in the 1972 presidential election. Spock had hoped Nader in particular would run, getting “some of the loudest applause of the evening” when mentioning him at the University of Alabama. Spock went on to try to recruit what is the difference between hemp and cbd oil Nader for the party among over 100 others, and indicated he would be “delighted” to be replaced by any of them even after he accepted the nomination himself. Nader received one vote for the vice-presidential nomination at the 1972 Democratic National Convention. Development of customer satisfaction models for automotive interior materials.

This is a health risk that many workers in the oil industry are exposed to. Federal law requires applicants for hemp licenses to not have had a drug felony in the past 10 years. The advocacy groups Vote Hemp, Drug Policy Alliance and others were able to get that decreased from a lifetime ban, but were unsuccessful in getting removed, said Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, in an email to Stateline.

SYDNEY, March 10, Triton Digital®, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry, announced today the release of the latest Australian Podcast Ranker. The Ranker provides insight into the Top 100 Podcasts as well as the Top 10 Publishers in Australia from 1 February through 28 February, 2022, as measured by Triton’s Podcast Metrics measurement service. All expanded roles have been designed to boost FICO’s software business and to further accelerate the adoption of FICO® Platform. One of the most promising uses of hemp is in the automotive industry. Already major French car manufacturers are adding hemp to reinforce the plastic structures that make dashboards or side door panels.

Demand appears to be growing for the minor cannabinoids; demand for quality hemp is growing. Richard Rawlings, owner and founder of Gas Monkey Garage, is the star of the international hit series “Fast N’ Loud,” “Garage Rehab,” “Demolition Theatre,” and more. Since the inception of Gas Monkey Garage in 2004, Richard Rawlings continues to be anything except ordinary. Having built two commissioned custom cars for Hot Wheels, setting numerous world records, and cementing Gas Monkey Garage as a household name, Richard does anything but blend in! Aside from his garage and television shows, Richard Rawlings is an innovative entrepreneur, turning Gas Monkey Garage into a household name and worldwide brand.

“We don’t have to fully acquire companies, we can support a diverse portfolio of upstream processors and downstream consumer-facing manufacturers alike, while using global IP to develop new sustainable products for our domestic markets,” Kello added. Industrial applications of hemp have a potential $32 billion worth of yearly hemp derived delta 10 thc economic impact from US-grown hemp fiber by 2030, according to a National Hemp Association report. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires issuers to provide “adequate current information” and Hemp, Inc. does… using the SEC’s Alternative Reporting Standard to publicly report its quarterly and yearly financials.

Continuous process surveying and improvement are essential to reduction in waste. Employee awareness of company-wide sustainability plan further aids the integration of new and improved processes. A term that is directly relates to the social aspect of sustainability is Environmental justice. Sustainability and social justice are directly connected to one another, and seeing these as separate unrelated issues can lead to more problems for the environment and potentially businesses.

The war industries–DuPont, Allied Chemical, Monsanto, etc.,–are protected from competition by the marijuana laws. Simple plastics of the early 1900s were made of nitrated cellulose, directly related to DuPont’s munitions-making processes. Celluloid, acetate and rayon were the simple plastics of that era, and hemp was well known to cellulose researchers as the premier resource for this new industry to use. Worldwide, the raw material of simple plastics, rayon and paper could be best supplied by hemp hurds.

Hemp, Inc Reports Global Industrial Hemp Market One Of The Fastest Growing Industries Of 2020

The hurds, as waste by-product of fiber production, were used for bedding of animals, the seeds for human nutrition, e.g., as flour, and the oil for a wide range of purposes, from cooking to cosmetics. Hemp has also been an important crop throughout human history for medicine. Other more recent applications include materials for insulation and furniture, automotive composites for interior applications and motor vehicle parts, bioplastics, jewelry and fashion sectors, animal feed, animal bedding, and energy and fuel production. Foods containing hemp seed and oil are currently marketed worldwide for both animal and human nutrition.

Hemp seeds are a highly nutritious source of protein and are being increasingly used in packaged foods such as granola bars, pretzels, bread, and also in cereals. Hemp products are further being incorporated into automotive innovations with BMW currently experimenting with using hemp in biodegradable plastic for dashboards & fittings. Our past is littered with prohibition, not only of marijuana but until the Farm Bill was signed, government authorities considered industrial hemp a Schedule I narcotic.

All persons with a minimum age of 18 years were contacted through the official university or company mailing lists and send on to the questionnaire’s homepage. Therefore, the participants were mainly students and employees of the above mentioned Universities and companies. The age limit has been set the minimum age to drive a car in Germany. One hundred forty-one participants fulfilled the desired characteristics, which can be divided in 100 male and 41 female test persons. With regard to premium brands, Audi and Mercedes-Benz each dominated with 34%, BMW followed with 25% and Porsche with almost 7 % of the participants. In sum, the issue of sustainability in the automotive industry may well be gathering momentum and scientific focus, but the interior design sector in particular has been largely neglected.

Massachusetts began restricting cannabis in its 1911 pharmacy law, and three other New England states followed in the next seven years. Pharmaceutical companies, who were just starting to produce synthetic medicines to replace natural medicines. Andrew Mellon, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury for five presidents , and head of Mellon Bank and other companies, who had invested money in a pulp and paper operation. Hemp has the strongest plant fiber in the world, resistant to rot and abrasion, and was in long use before DuPont patented nylon in 1937. It was used for ship rigging, military uniforms, parachute webbing, baggage and more. In parts of the Americas, hemp was legal tender and could be used to pay taxes.

Planned hemp cultivation programs linked to the global market can generate employment for local communities in agriculture and allied industries. A recent article in Science proposes proactive tree plantation to reverse greenhouse gas emission, one of the key factors of climate change. Planting industrial hemp, natural to the IHR, is an even more efficient process to arrest greenhouse gas emissions. Hemp grows considerably faster than trees and has exceptional carbon sequestration capacity.

Wealth, after all, is not just money, it is health and well being. Global Hemp-based Food Market size is expected to reach nearly US$ 7.08 Bn by 2027 with the CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period. “Being a pioneer is hard and expensive work,” Reinders said looking back over the company’s two-and-a-half decades in business. In fact, not even four years have elapsed since the cultivation was made legal in the US. For too many years, farmers have thought of sugarcane and cotton as the only cash crops.

Below mentioned is the list of few companies engaged in the industrial hemp in food market. Plus, you can find industrial hemp being used in the automobile, agriculture, paper, textile, personal care, pharma and even the food industry. The potential is definitely there, you just have to tackle that accordingly and the experience itself can be very interesting. That’s what really sets the tone with the industrial hemp market, the fact that there are so many great ways to use their resulting product. This crop is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t require a lot of wet soil or rain, so it’s easier to grow. It doesn’t even need pesticides, which is a major plus in a situation like this.

Where a natural fiber like hemp fiber, we need variance in the quality because it depends a little bit on the weather and the harvesting moment and the situation. That reminds me, I didn’t answer the question before, because those developments was initiating it. We’re using glass fiber, we are using mineral fiber, synthetic fiber, can we replace it with you,” and off you make a product out of it together with the development of that company. We started marketing in the retail, so we had equipment to pack in smaller size. Then, we start selling the fiber to an insulation manufacturer for making hemp insulation.

By providing micro-loans and larger investments, these firms assist small business owners in developing nations who seek business education, affordable loans, and new distribution networks for their “green” products. Sustainable business leaders also take into account the life cycle costs for the items they produce. Input costs must be considered regarding regulations, energy use, storage, and disposal. Designing for the environment DFE is also an element of sustainable business. This process enables users to consider the potential environmental impacts of a product and the process used to make that product.

Sustainability In The Automotive Industry, Importance Of And Impact On Automobile Interior

According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers , the automobile production in the United States was 8,822,399 in 2020, witnessing a decline of 19% compared to 10,880,019 units of production in 2019. This is an enterprise license, allowing all employees within your organization access to the product. This is a site license, allowing all users within a given geographical location of your organization access to the product. This is a 1-5 user license, allowing up to five users have access to the product.

The hemp plant is also steadily gaining momentum as a sustainable building material. For a long time now, the world has required a solution to thehigh greenhouse emission of buildings and regular construction processes; thus, hemp is more than a welcome alternative. Industry trade journals estimate over 50,000 different uses of industrial hemp, from textiles to sustainable construction materials to food and potential power sources. It is estimated that methane and methanol production alone from hemp grown as biomass could replace 90% of the world’s energy needs. If they are right, this is not good news for oil interests and could account for the continuation of marijuana prohibition.

He often found that he was the first one to arrive at work and the last to leave. Other employees who were nearly 100% remote would often call him for help. He was a wealth of knowledge beyond the reports which were electronically available to everyone. He was recently promoted to a management position and is recognized as a leader. Recently, I visited a company which has offered a hybrid work environment for its employees.

However, the personal care products segment is also anticipated to grow at a considerable CAGR during the projected timeframe. And that translates into more and more investors being interested in the industrial hemp market. That’s why we are seeing a doubling of the market share for industrial hemp every year, and there’s no sign of that stopping anytime soon. It clearly shows that the demand is there and with more and more industrial hemp being planted in the US as well as other countries, we certainly expect this to grow even more. Other countries like the UK are even stricter, with the requirements being at under 0.2% THC.

In line with this, we have started offering pandemic’s impacts across multiple domains. With the pandemic impacting global markets, it is crucial for every business to prepare their framework for tackling such unforeseen circumstances. The Global Industrial Hemp in Textile Market is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years and is estimated that the market will grow significantly in the forecasted period i.e. 2022 to 2030. The problems existing in current financial management to propose the type of Financial Shared Center.

The passing of the Act to destroy the U.S. hemp industry has been disputed to involve businessmen Andrew Mellon, Randolph Hearst and the Du Pont family. Commercial biodiesel and biogas is typically produced from cereals, coconuts, palm seeds, and cheaper raw materials like garbage, wastewater, dead plant and animal material, animal feces and kitchen waste. However, hemp has had a hard time competing with paper full spectrum cbd oil delaware from trees or recycled newsprint. Only the outer part of the stem consists mainly of fibers which are suitable for the production of paper. Numerous attempts have been made to develop machines that efficiently and inexpensively separate useful fibers from less useful fibers, but none have been completely successful. This has meant that paper from hemp is still expensive compared to paper from trees.

Hemp Oil Market 2020

The textile industry in the country is expected to revive after the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of 2021. Additionally, the textile industry in Mexico is benefitted from the NAFTA agreement, which allows free trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Now, in the wake of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement , also referred to as NAFTA 2.0, Mexico is optimally positioned to carve even further into China’s manufacturing share of the market, particularly within the textile industry.

NLR does not answer legal questions nor will we refer you to an attorney or other professional if you request such information from us. Amy also has significant experience representing industry professionals and contractors in construction defect disputes in state and… This was the third annual installment of the #SHE, but the first time it was held in North Carolina. It felt as though organizers were able to pull off a successful and energizing in-person conference, educational summit, and trade show.

The main rationale was ending the over-the-counter sale of patent medicines such as heroin cough syrup, but there was a definite racist streak among advocates for controlling cocaine. “Cocaine is often the direct incentive to the crime of rape by the Negroes,” Hamilton Wright, the hard-drinking doctor-turned-diplomat who spearheaded the first major multinational drug-control agreements, told Congress. In 1914, Dr. Edward Huntington Williams opined in the New York Times Magazine that “once the negro has formed the habit, he is irreclaimable. The only method to keep him from taking the drug is by imprisoning him.”

Commonly the end clients are additionally reached to check the gathered information. Of students of The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice. The main objective of the project is to evaluate the quality of the indoor environment and propose variants optimization.

In 2017, the cultivated area for hemp in the Prairie provinces include Saskatchewan with more than 56,000 acres , Alberta with 45,000 acres , and Manitoba with 30,000 acres . Canadian hemp is cultivated mostly for its food value as hulled hemp seeds, hemp oils, and hemp protein powders, with only a small fraction devoted to production of hemp fiber used for construction and insulation. Indica generally has poor fiber quality and female buds from this variety are primarily used for recreational and medicinal purposes. The major differences between the two types of plants are the appearance, and the amount of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol secreted in a resinous mixture by epidermal hairs called glandular trichomes, although they can also be distinguished genetically. Oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis approved for industrial hemp production produce only minute amounts of this psychoactive drug, not enough for any physical or psychological effects.

National Hemp Industry Outlook

To identify the contribution of agriculture to Ghana’s economy, the terms agriculture to Ghana’s GDP and planting for food and jobs were searched on all selected search engines. A key opportunity in the global hemp seeds market is the development of new products. The European region held the second largest hemp seed market share of xx% in the year 2020. This can be attributed to many European countries like Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, France, Italy being one of the leading importers of hemp seeds in the region.


With global consciousness about the need for a more sustainable lifestyle on the rise, the construction industry is also trying to reinvent itself. Hemp composites like hempcrete and hemp-clay have emerged to be preferred options for a more sustainable construction industry. Using hempcrete and hemp-clay as insulation material for buildings, as also for constructing buildings reduces fossil-fuel dependence and creates carbon-neutral buildings. Through mobilizing women-focused self-help groups , we are creating income-earning options for IHR women.

The reaction to whether the test persons could imagine this in their automobile was very positive. 71% of the respondents could imagine such a door, if properties as haptics, appearance and economy are retained. Based on the information from the previous chapters an empirical large-volume study is conducted to investigate the expectations and potentials that customers see in sustainability elements, particularly in the interior sector. In the BMW i3, the visible door beams and the instrument panel cover are also made of the fibres of the tropical mallow plant Kenaf. The reasons for the selection are that Kenaf has a high degree of fineness and purity of the fibres compared to flax and hemp, which is essential for a high-quality surface. Whereas natural fibres were previously concealed behind a thick film lamination, they are now becoming more and more visually perceptible and are increasingly finding their way into the premium interior as a design element.

Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin 2016: Report & Interviews

I just want to touch on one of the most interesting things that Mark said in the end of the interview when he brought up that American farmers who are choosing to plant hemp need to make sure they have a customer first and it’s true. One of the major reasons that hemp producers had so many issues last year with their harvest was because there’s just not enough infrastructure in place to take all that hemp and turn it into everything that it needs to be, whether it’s CBD or fiber. It will cost you even a whole lot more money if you start processing it. It only returns your money, at the moment it’s in a truck heading your customer, including invoice and get your invoice paid.

The search on Google using the local jargon, for instance, “abonsam tawa,” generated 1200 results on Google and 62 on Bing. Most of the results were articles on people arrested for marijuana possession or cannabis and blogs on advocating for the legalization of cannabis (Fig. 2). Search query from “ntampi” generated more results, which were less irrelevant to the topic’s objective.

As a result, by late 2019, the nation had effectively reached a state of surplus with hemp supply, now having over 510,000+ acres licensed to grow hemp. Experts A global team of industry-recognized experts contributes incisive and thought-provoking analysis. Our dedicated in-house team ensures the reports satisfy the requirement of the client. Our reports are backed by extensive industry coverage and is made sure to give importance to the specific needs of our clients. The main idea is to enable our clients to make an informed decision, by keeping them and ourselves up to date with the latest trends in the market. The key findings and recommendations highlight crucial progressive industry trends in the Hemp market, thereby allowing players to develop effective long term strategies in order to garner their market revenue.

The ninth edition removes redundancies, expands on the Uniform Commercial Code , and the marketing and technology sections are updated. Following CoreTech’s recent company rebrand announcement, the company has since updated its team titles to empower employees and to establish a structure built around core competencies and the company’s mission. Similar to how the brand had outgrown its original identity, the company has outgrown conventional job titles and departments. The new titles are designed to integrate the client experience as the focal point of each new role.

But “going green” is not achieved by only using eco-fibres like hemp, organic cotton, jute, soy silk, ramie, tencel, organic linen or bamboo fibre. The eco-friendly practices include reducing waste, cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources, organic and recycled fabrics, low impact dyes, working conditions, child labour, fair trade, sustainable production, and so on. The most important is to change cbd gummies for sale near me the mentality and the whole chain of an upcoming fashion collection. There is also the stewing matter of environmental pollution caused by the burning of the same fossil fuels. This situation is made evident in the current calamity; global warming. Hence, ‘green’ or renewable energy sources are the new gold, as man now sources bio alternatives to these resources, for which hemp is a potential candidate.

This becomes a clear gateway for motivated but marginalized individuals to become a part of the growing small scale and cottage industry of the state. Every step Hemp Foundation takes, is in tandem with thousands of rural Uttarakhand farmers, and every step is towards a secure future. We are linking women’s labor to our sustainable economic growth program.

Mark Reinders is CEO of HempFlax, Europe’s largest independent grower and processor of industrial hemp in Europe. The Nixon-era escalation of the war on drugs was one of the few times in U.S. history when white users were a prime target, as marijuana and LSD provided legal pretexts to attack the ’60s counterculture. New York’s draconian Rockefeller drug laws, passed in 1973 as Gov. Nelson Rockefeller was trying to look “tough on crime,” were a harbinger of the federal mandatory minimums of the 1980s. The result was that more than 90 percent of the state’s drug prisoners are black or Latino. DuPont, a chemical company that had invested in a chemical process to cheaply produce pulp and paper, and who had patented nylon as a replacement material for rope / cordage and other products. By the 1800s, the state of Kentucky produced about half of the industrial hemp in the U.S.

Think only that growing cannabis can eliminate forest exploitation, offers a better bio-fuel than ethanol, is disease and pest resistant, helps eliminate greenhouse gases, and creates green jobs. With a primary objective to save time, maximize cost, and stay consistent, the industry now has technology for virtually all cultivation stages, from transplanting to hand-held testing. Though there are many sources for sustainable fuel, hemp tops the list. Its ability to grow swiftly and thrive well, even on infertile soil, makes it an excellent choice. With morebenefitsbeyond the above listed, hemp ultimately checks off virtually all the boxes needed to be marked as a sustainable alternative.

Legacy specializes in personal insurance with products sold through Independent Insurance Agents in the Western United States. Legacy develops, markets, underwrites, issues, and services personal automobile liability and physical damage policies. Today, nearly 150 years after our founding, CFM is the oldest farm mutual in the State of Missouri and the longest-running business in Lafayette County. We are equipped with the latest technology, products, and services to keep our business in sync with today’s insurance standards. Nader has been described as an “ascetic … bordering on self-righteous”.

“We will unlock the vast potential of America’s newest commodity; a regenerative, carbon-sequestering natural resource,” Whaling said at the trade show, according to a press release. The majority of HIA members are small businesses and farms, so we monitor federal policy and regulatory developments with their interests in mind, and provide education and advocacy tools to help you take action. Three other hemp companies have experienced similar financial difficulties this year, including both Sunstrand and GenCanna in Kentucky, and Commonwealth Alternative Medicinal Options in Pennsylvania. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As the consumer, it is your responsibility to know your local, state and federal laws before making any purchases.

Our friend Gavin George at hemp seed genetics company Puregene, AG in Switzerland recently said, “a month in the hemp industry is like a year anywhere else.” We couldn’t agree more. For the past three years, the Museum & Library has also printed and distributed a historic hemp calendar. The calendar includes photographs taken around central Kentucky in the 1930s and 1940s, recent industrial hemp farming photographs, and important hempen dates. The Museum & Library will be producing a set of historic postcards for 2000 instead of a calendar, to save on paper costs and to reach more people. In 1996, the Kentucky Hemp Museum launched the Mobile Hemp Museum & Library Exhibit to spread educational information about industrial hemp to the public at community events and gatherings. The Mobile Exhibit started with a van, three multimedia exhibit modules, product samples and informational handouts.

Automotive companies across Europe are moving away from petroleum-based plastics entirely for the dashboards, paneling and other design touches in new models. The sheer number of parts molded from hemp plastics demonstrates its usability as a material. In biology to leverage his understanding of cannabinoid science into meaningful content for readers.

The widespread innovation efforts in the field of electric mobility and autonomous driving also offer the potential to rethink and redesign the car’s interior. The vehicle interior has to be transformed into an increasingly attractive living space. This can be achieved, for example, through attractive surfaces made of sustainable materials. The interior plays an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions. It arouses emotions, offers comfort, safety and functionality and radiates brand identity as a fusion (Laukart & Vorberg, 2016; Pein, Laukart, Feldmann, & Krause, 2006).

America was forced to turn inward and revitalize the cultivation of Hemp on U.S. soils. In 1892, Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine, which he intended to power “by a variety of fuels, especially vegetable and seed oils, which earlier were used for oil lamps, i.e. the Argand lamp”. Hemp can be used as a “mop crop” to clear impurities out of wastewater, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus from chicken litter, or other unwanted substances or chemicals.

Franklin County, Destiny’s Agro Farm Inc., to compare at least four cultivars for visual qualities, fiber content, and seed yields. “We just need to start this research so we can prove to them that there are benefits out there and can start building an industry,” Whaling said. “We absolutely have to have seed by May” to be planted by June for research to begin this year, Whaling said.

The most common variation of this building style is hempcrete; made of concrete-like blocks. Such blocks are not strong enough to be used for structural elements and must be supported by brick, wood, or steel framing. In the end of the twentieth century, during his renovation of Maison de la Turquie in Nogent-sur-Seine, France, Charles Rasetti first invented and applied the use of hempcrete in construction. Shortly after, in the 2000s, Modece Architects used hemp-lime for test designs in Haverhill. The dwellings were studied and monitored for comparison with other building performances by BRE. Completed 9 years later the buildings were found to be one of the most technologically advanced structures made of hemp-based material.

News articles, blogs, or non-academic articles on cannabis and hemp that provided the author’s information were considered. The first electronic search was Ghana marijuana and Ghana cannabis on Google and Google Scholar. The commonly used local names of marijuana or cannabis were also included in the search to generate more results peculiar to the Ghanaian situation. Local jargons such as “ntampi,” “abonsam tawa” (which means devil’s tobacco), and “wee Ghana” were also searched on Google and Google Scholar. The search method is similar to that of Kruger et al. and Zembroski .

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