Keratin Supplements: What are the Best Benefits for Hair Growth?

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Working in the hair care industry has allowed me to try different products and services available. After experimenting with various brands, one thing I notice is that there are many hair supplements designed to give you healthier and thicker hair. At first glance, these seemingly random products all seem rather redundant, but upon further investigation, it’s clear to see why so many people love them. In this article, we will discuss what keratin supplements are and some of their benefits for hair growth. Let’s get started…

What Is a Keratin Supplement?

A keratin supplement is a product designed to increase your hair’s volume and make it stronger, healthier, and more manageable. The key active ingredient for these products is keratin, an amino acid found in your hair and nails. Keratin is a protein that is responsible for the strength of your hair, nails, and skin. It makes up about 90% of our hair and skin tissue. This makes it a great product for people with all types of hair, from thin and fine to coarse and curly. Many hair supplements contain a keratin amino acid complex. This is a powdered, soluble form of keratin that you mix with water or another drink. Some brands of keratin supplements also include Biotin, a vitamin that promotes hair growth.

How Does It Help Your Hair Grow?

There are a few different theories that attempt to explain how a keratin supplement helps your hair grow. These range from helping to repair your hair, to making it stronger and thicker.

Keratin helps repair hair damage: Many shampoos and conditioners contain proteins, like keratin, which help to repair and strengthen the hair. The proteins move through the hair and adhere to the strands. This strengthens the hair, helping it to grow and stay strong and healthy.

Keratin supplements help hair grow thicker and faster: Because keratin is a protein, it’s essential in the process of hair growth. A study showed that supplementing with keratin helped subjects grow an extra inch of hair during the 8-week study period.

Keratin helps hair grow longer: A 2015 study found that topical application of a keratin-based compound helped subjects grow significantly more hair. It’s believed that keratin helps the hair grow longer because it can be converted into a compound called cysteine, which is required to produce hair.

Where to Buy Keratin Supplements

There are many brands of keratin supplements on the market today. When choosing a brand, you want to look for one that contains a high concentration of keratin. This will ensure that the supplement is as effective as possible. Looking for a way to improve the health of your hair and nails? Look no further than bonKind Keratin Gummies! These delicious chewy candies are packed with keratin supplements, which can help improve the health and strength of your hair and nails.

Final Words

Keratin supplements are a great option for anyone looking to grow their hair longer and stronger. They’re safe and easy to use, and you can apply them at home for a fraction of the cost of salon treatments. Before taking a keratin supplement, be sure to consult your doctor to make sure it’s right for you. Once you’ve found the right supplement, it’s time to get growing! \ For more information, check out our article on the best hair growth shampoos and hair growth supplements.


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